The day I broke up with my job

Hello, my name is Danae and I’m a workaholic. Nothing makes me happier than a completed task, a project nicely finished, a crispy clean PowerPoint presentation, a perfectly crossed-out to-do list… a job well done. I cant help it, it’s simply who I am, who I have always been and, probably, who I will always be. When I was a teenager I even remember thinking that I must have been confronted to some type of servitude in a past life… that’s how addicted I am. Once I start, I cant stop until the job is – according to my extremely high standards – well done.

In general terms, I’m a pretty intense human being and I have built my life around my passion for getting my job done. This goes from organizing sports meets, to handling my grandparents’ farm, to research, to what I currently do for a living. So what happens to someone like me when they break up with their job? They break down.

I work in a competitive area. Backstabbing is a common practice and working in a team is not always easy. For someone who doesn’t like to work, it’s not the place to be. Since that’s not my case, I’m always willing to take on more responsibilities, handling crises (even those that are not my own), and putting up with enormous amounts of stress. Let’s face it… all of this stuff even gives me quite the rush. But, not everything I do is so negatively charged. As any normal person would, I cherish my seldom moments of glory and I am filled with pride when I learn that I have inspired someone to do something different or to be better at what they do.

Sometimes I think that having a successful career would be a heck of a lot easier if it only depended on you. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Your career and the way in which it evolves are directly proportional to the way the people you work with – and even more so your boss -behave. That’s why for people like me there’s nothing better than a boss with high expectations that constantly pushes you to exceed your limits. The problems begin when someone decides to underestimate you, when your potential is ignored and when your responsibilities are taken away from you. That’s when you break up with your job. The day it’s not what you want it to be anymore, the day it stops fulfilling you… the day you fall out of love with it.

Just like it happens in any relationship, the break up is hard because… let’s face it, you aren’t only attached to the work itself, you’re also attached to the people, to the situations, even to the places that surround it. The worst part is letting go of the topic itself… breaking apart from the soul of your work, soul that you have so carefully nourished and cared for for the past years. But like in any break up, once you get over the whole denial phase you notice that this gives you the chance to reinvent yourself once more, to reconsider your dreams, to reevaluate your expectations. It may be scary at first – it’s not easy to learn how to be single again – but it opens a window to new opportunities, new challenges and gives you the space to find a new passion, a new love.

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